Southwell Spartans300 Cycle Club


Southwell Spartans300 Cycle Club

Southwell Spartans300 Cycle Club is an informal and growing group of road cyclists centred in the Minster town of Southwell, Nottinghamshire.

We welcome any road cyclists who wish to join us on our regular Saturday morning rides in and around North Nottinghamshire.  There is no formal membership arrangement or fee, all we ask is that if you intend to ride with us regularly you purchase a club jersey and shorts and wear them when riding with the group.

We ride on Saturday mornings throughout the year. There are usually several routes and groups to choose from, but all converge on Tuxford Windmill for Fari’s very special tea/coffee/cake towards the end of the ride.  Each route has a different objective so that riders can choose which best suits the time they have, their fitness, or mood on the day.  Typically there is usually a fast distance route of 60-70 miles, and a shorter sportive type ride of 35-40 miles.  We have also done longer rides of 100+ miles and shorter sprint interval or hilly routes. These tend to be planned the day before, depending on who is riding and what they want to do.

Rides start/meet at The Old Theatre Deli in the centre of Southwell, departing at 9.00am.  Longer rides start earlier (7.00am) either from Kirklington  – picking up at Halam ford, Edingly Church and Farnsfield Co-op too.  Rides start later in the winter months. 


Details of Saturday rides are posted by email on the Thursday or Friday before and on our Facebook Page -  so it’s easy to hook up with a ride that suits you.








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